Using brand new top of the range equipment with products suitable for your dog’s skin and coat type, our aim is to make your dog feel and look beautiful.


Prices vary due to size and coat condition so please call for a chat.

Bath and brush

Starts with a chat with you about your dog’s health, temperament and likes/dislikes.  Then a health check of eyes, ears and teeth.  Paws will be clipped and nails trimmed a full brush out/de-shed then a soothing bath using a shampoo and conditioner relevant to your dog’s coat type, then a blow dry and a spritz of cologne of your choice.

Full pet groom to your specification

As above for the brush and bath and then a trim of your choice and style.

If hand stripping, a bath would need to be carried out one week later to avoid skin irritations.

Brush out between grooms

Maintenance grooming is particularly effective for long haired breeds and wool type coats to help stop matting.


Come in for a nail clip £5

External anal gland expression at your request included in groom or if needed between grooms £8


Puppy 2 Session Package (16 weeks-6 months old) £15

1st session (15/20 mins) Come to see me with your lovely furbaby and get used to the noises and environment with lots of cuddles, play and treats.

2nd session (up to 2 hours depending on breed and coat condition) brush, bath, dry and nail clipped with lots of cuddles and treats.

Grooming Services

Pick up and Drop off

We have a fully insured pick up and drop off service, price depends on location from our parlour so please ask for details.